Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America

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Contact Your Station - WE NEED YOUR HELP!

“Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America” is available for broadcasts by NBC stations nationwide, at their discretion, September 15, 2013 - March 15, 2014, as part of NBC’s “Horizons of the Spirit” series, presented in partnership with the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission. It’s not a “must carry” program, so stations can decide when to air the film during that window or not to air it at all. So you can make a difference!

  1. Contact your local NBC station.  Call and/or write the general manager and/or program director to request a broadcast. (Sample messages are displayed below).

  2. Spread the word. Ask your fellow members of your churches, schools, religious congregations, organizations and groups, and family and friends to do the same. Alert them to this website. Local NBC stations and their websites can be found via the online NBC Directory at www.nbc.com/local-stations.

    The more viewers the stations hear from, the better the chances of a broadcast.

    If you learn of a broadcast, alert all of the above to that information, and please email that info to WomenandSpiritFilm@verizon.net. Known broadcasts will be posted on the “Scheduled Broadcast” page of this website, but we don’t want to miss any.

  3. Watch it together. Organize family or group viewings of any local broadcasts and have a discussion afterwards.

Sample messages to help you when contacting your local NBC station

The following sample call script and email or letter are not necessarily intended to be used verbatim but to put in your own words, especially the call script, which will be more effective when used in a conversational tone.

Phone script

I am a local resident and viewer, and I‘ve learned that a new documentary, “Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America,” will be available for broadcast to your  NBC station, starting September 15. I understand it’s part of the NBC “Horizons of the Spirit” series and that information about the program is on the NBC Universal APT system. Are you aware of it and have any plans to broadcast it?  This is the virtual untold story of the nearly 300-year history of Catholic sisters in the U.S.  and how they have helped shaped our nation’s social, cultural and spiritual landscapes. A lot of people in your viewing area are becoming interested in this program. And I will help spread the word about any broadcasts. So can we count on your station to air this program?

Email or letter

Dear Station Manager or Programming Manager,

As a viewer living in your station’s market area, I have become aware that a new documentary, “Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America,” will be available for broadcast to all NBC stations and affiliates, starting September 15, 2013. I understand this is as  part of the NBC “Horizons of the Spirit” series and that the technical information and blurb about the program is on the NBC Universal APT system.

Narrated by noted network TV journalist Cokie Roberts, this documentary promises to give us an authentic inside look at the mystery that has shrouded Catholic women religious since they first stepped onto what is now American soil in 1727 to serve those most in need.

This film is virtually the untold story of the Catholic sisters in America, the vital role they have played and the impact they have had in shaping our nation’s social, cultural and spiritual landscapes. Millions of Catholics and non-Catholics alike have benefited from their services through their  schools, colleges, hospitals, social service centers and other ministries. Yet, their story has virtually been untold.

Would you please allow this story to be told to us, your viewers, by scheduling broadcasts in a family friendly time slot for optimum viewership? I will help spread the word regarding air time and date among my family, friends and others, and there is a publicist for the film who will implement an area wide publicity campaign for any scheduled broadcasts by your station.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.
[your signature]
[your name, address & phone number