Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America

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Flyers are available for downloading and printing to hand out, post on bulletin boards or insert in church bulletins or newsletters or to post on website, such as those of a religious congregation, parish, school, college, hospital, Catholic organizations, etc. A docx file is posted here for downloading so the middle front section can be changed to announce local broadcasts and any group viewings, etc., when you learn of a broadcast by your local NBC station.

PDF Flyer
Word Doc Flyer

Proposed item for parish bulletins, Catholic organizational newsletters & websites

“Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America,” a one-hour documentary, will be available for broadcast to our local NBC station beginning September 15, 2013, as  part of the NBC “Horizons of the Spirit” series. Please write or call the station’s manager and/or program director and ask them to schedule a broadcast of this program because of high community interest and benefit. It is the virtual untold story of the nearly 300-year history of Catholic sisters in the U.S., and how they have helped shaped our nation’s social, cultural and spiritual landscapes. A sample email, letter and phone call script and more information is available at www.womenandspirit.org.